Children home of hope

Didn’t somebody say “A thing well begun is half done”? Yeah someone did. And, I’ve got a splendid thing to begin my blog. With my colleagues, I got a chance to visit “Childrens’ home of hope” in Maduravoyal. Four to five hours of non-stop activity made the day. Of course, activity for my colleagues, and feast for the eyes for me. 🙂 Nevertheless, I may never stop wondering how these tiny children get so much of energy to keep the crowd in high spirits.

Technically, a home and a school combined, run by Mrs.Shnathi Andrews, there are more than 50 children. When all these children gather around you, their face all lit up with innocent smiles, few will have a rock-hard heart. I never did. It was one day I came out of my crystal confines, and tried to be playful. The children did the magic and it was obvious. The danced, they sang, the laughed, they giggled, the pestered, they fought, and the day somply became colorful. Children are always children.

Most of us in the gang that visited was from Digibee. Me, Barani, Madan, Raghu, Krithika, Deepa, a couple of other boys and girls. Everyone had their share of fun, and everyone’s was a lion’s share. I joined the gang right at the doorstep of the home. My friends had bought examination pads for these children from T.Nagar. We gave away these goodies to the children, and then there was a talent show. Two girls danced for a song, and the whole lot gathered there roared in excitement, a lot of thanks especially to Baranidharan. There was also a boys dance show upstairs. When it was time for lunch, the home-keeper offered us lunch, and we gladly gulped in some hot rice. Then came a lot of pushing and playing. A football match marked the event of the evening, and girls had their own share of sitting games. (Boys will be boys!) 🙂

Thanks again to Barani, I got the title “Shivaji Anna”, owing to my never-ending zeal in imitating the thespian. Got a lot of pestering from the children to do some Shivaji actions, which I obliged with much hesitation and shyness 🙂 One thing I never stopped during all the action is clicking photographs. I have got a whole deal of them, and they will add up to my already large collection.

To sum up, I enjoyed the day with some under-privileged children. I shall say, it is the society that is under-privileged in letting these children become one.

Children’s Home of Hope, 288, Poonamallee High Road, Maduravoyal, Chennai. Ph:23782519


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Deepak Venkatesan

Deepak is an engineer from Bangalore.

3 thoughts on “Children home of hope”

  1. Sir we r college students to conduct on day happy childrens program in ur home ,please sir we would like to serve the society if u gave the permission we do our best sir
    Thank you sir


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