The Dhaba on Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai

We were a group of around fifteen members, and our colleague was giving us a treat. The task of choosing a restaurant fell on me, and after much research and hearsay I decided on ‘The Dhaba’. It was about a year back that we dined at the Dhaba, and we were ready to experiment how it had grown in these days.

The moment you enter the Dhaba, you get a strange feeling. I do not know if this is the feeling you get on entering a real Punjabi dhaba, but I should say the interiors are feebly inspiring, if not immaculate. The walls are styled like those of a dhaba built with stone bricks, and given a yellowish hue. The area is lit with bulbs fixed inside lanterns. A huge picture of Juhi Chawla smiles at you as you savor your dishes, and in a distant murmur you can hear the golden Hindi melodies of yesteryear blockbusters.

One thing I like about these kind of restaurants is the ‘jaljeera pani’ and pappads they make available to you as soon as you are seated. We were seated in a makeshift arrangement of a long table, and as a rule I always spring to grab the centre seat for obvious gastronomic motives! 🙂 The jaljeera pani was already making its way in.

As is common with our group, we always place a magnanimous order for the starters. And this day was no exception. We never let alone any of the chicken, mutton, prawn, fish or subji items. If it is on the menu, it will be on our plate. The Ghosth (mutton) kabab was enchanting, the murgh kabab soft as butter. My favorite was the fish tikka, which I had never tasted before, and the Pisces immediately took me in into their fan following. The baby corn kabab was exceptional, and should I say we had a blast?

I have dined at a lot of restaurants, and this one was one degree better than most of them. Of course, I have my own favorites, but in a group you tend to forget individuality, and I liked the menu as a whole. The dishes might not be the best available in Chennai, but it was worth every penny we gave. We took generous helpings of parathas, naans, rotis, kulchas, fulkas, biriyanis and what not. The Indian breads were soft and yummy. About the side dishes, it is always a matter of personal opinion, though I would rate high their Chicken Mughalai. The taste still lingers in my mouth.

Their service was average, but they gave us no disappointments. The portions were huge, and it will be difficult savoring the meat without a good company. And we had no problems. They had a limited list of desserts. The kulfi was below average, and the sweet lassi no exception.

The Dhaba on Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai is an up-market restaurant says the ‘Chennai Metroplus Food Guide’ and no wonder their menu is slightly overpriced. But, it left a feel of satisfaction as we finished our meal, struggling with the buckles of our trousers. 🙂


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Deepak Venkatesan

Deepak is an engineer from Bangalore.

3 thoughts on “The Dhaba on Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai”

  1. Hey, try the Dhaba @ Cenatoph road sometime. The lunch/dinner buffet is awesome and comes for 60 bucks! (yeah u heard it right).
    The jalebis you get there are just out of this world!!


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