Mughal’s Zaika in Kilpauk

If you are yearning for some yummy kebabs and hot parathas, the place you would have to go will be the Mughal’s Zaika Restaurant in Kilpauk. This place has for long been one of my most preferred restaurants. This is the place that gave me a taste for mouth-watering kebabs, in contrast to the spicy and greasy varieties I have always gulped down at Ponnusamy or Anjappar. Their mutton biriyani is something to talk about, and the Shahi Thukda they serve for dessert finishes the course in style.

If you are not much concerned about ambience when thinking of the taste of food, you are of my kind. The place is ideal for a cool and breezy evening treat, since they have an open dining hall and of course, no aircon. But there is something cozy and attractive about the place that I have never felt the need for aircon in Mughal’s Zaika. There is ample space for car parking available all around, and the bhai who waits on the customers wears a friendly smile on him.

Their menu is pretty comprehensive with a generous splash of varieties in all sections. There are Chicken Tikka, Sheek kebab, Reshmi kebab, and a hoard of other kebabs to choose from, and most importantly none of them disappointing. Then the parade of Indian breads! I have mercilessly savored most of the naan, roti, kulcha and stuffed paratha varieties. Of the side dishes, you must not miss their especially impressive Chicken Tikka masala. The dish has taken me completely into command ever since I first tasted it here. The mutton varieties are a charm, my favorite being the mutton kofta masala. The Afghani chicken on the list of kebabs is one I never miss ordering.

The biriyani may not be the best available in the city, though the mutton biriyani is commendable. Nevertheless, I would recommend the breads rather than biriyanis. There is a unique taste to the whole pile of dishes they make, and that is what pulls me time and again to this place. The place is popular among the locals who always carry out parcels from here. There is a constant crowd at the parcel counter in the evenings.

Now, the location. While coming down the Chetput bridge towards the Poonamallee High Road, take the road just adjacent to the Ega Theatre. Then take the first right, and bingo! Right there is the Mughal’s Zaika Restaurant. The menu is pretty light on the wallet, but strong in taste 😉

Mughal’s Zaika Restaurant, Rajarathinam Street (behind Ega Theatre), Kilpauk, Chennai. Ph: 42170901


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Deepak Venkatesan

Deepak is an engineer from Bangalore.

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