In God’s Own Country – Kerala

Kerala has a mind of its own. Little has the hustle and bustle of urban life affected this green land! The mountains and valleys of the land entrance the imagination of the viewer drinking in its beauty. Munnar, the trump card of Kerala is a masterpiece. The sprawling expanse of tea estates shrouds the mountains with a cover of green. It is greenery everywhere, and tranquility in the air.

Our trip to Munnar had been a memorable experience. It was weekend full of fun and masti. Here are some of nature’s handiworks captured in my digicam. (Click on the images for full view).

Alagu in Mattupetty dam Deepak near the bungalow

1. Alagu in Mattuopetty dam 2. Deepak near bungalow

View from boat in Cochin Balayya in Cochin Shipyard

3. View from Cochin boat 4. Balayya in Cochin Shipyard

Tea estates in Munnar A tea farm down the hill

5. Tea estate in Munnar 6. Tea farm downhill

Behind the falls Chaeeyappara falls

7. Behind the water in falls 8. Falls on way to Munnar

Waterfalls Deepak in Mattupetty

9. Cheeyappara falls 10. Deepak in Mattupetty

No wonder Kerala is called God’s Own Country.


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Deepak Venkatesan

Deepak is an engineer from Bangalore.

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