The Trip to Munnar

Credit should go to Madanmohan, (Member, DSP, Digibee Microsystems, Chennai) for sending me the email which has now blossomed into this blog-post. I shall put in my own inputs in between Madan’s. As per his request, the first paragraph from his mail is reproduced here as such.

“Before starting, I whole-heartedly thank Rahul and Deepak of VLSI team, Digibee Microsystems, without them this mail carries no weight.  Rahul is from Kerala, is one of our colleague in Digibee. Got a big mustache, like most of the Mallu guys and a beautiful smile. (If I was a girl I would have described more he~he~). Throughout the trip, things were well organized and smartly planned, his brilliance lied in the fact that no one would have felt that he is organizing the trip. But all the work was done in the back ground. Deepak, the gigantic figure in Digibee. I always have wondered, how he possesses so much knowledge in many fields ranging from Sakura, cherry blossoms, which happens in Japan to Share trading. And a member of a social welfare organization called “DIYA”. He is not only big by looks, he is even bigger than his looks :).”

The trip to Munnar was a long-planned one. We always wanted to go on a long weekend trip, and there seemed to be no near way of it materializing. When Rahul came up with his plan, there was a lot of enthusiasm, and I did not want this enthusiasm to fade out. So, I immediately jumped into booking the tickets and calling in for the arrangements.

It was festival season, and getting bulk tickets on a train was more difficult than getting a programme slot in Sun TV. But we managed on the Trivandrum Express in the last minute, and there was a broad smile in everyone’s face. The tour was sure to happen. The next moment saw me pushing Rahul ahead of me towards Simha, my project manager to get a two hours permission to board the train at 4.15 pm on Friday. Simha gave us no disappointments; he was ready with his instant broad smile. 🙂

The trip took off at 3.30 pm from office. We were all in the station at 4 pm. Murphy’s laws say there should be no event with no trouble. 😉 Our colleague Dinesh was the culprit now. He sent my adrenalin shooting up, just by being late. Everyone was at his toe-tips looking out for the guy, when a little figure appeared out of the large crowd in Central. That was Dinesh. He had some trouble with the auto-rickshaw and was quickly ushered into he coach.

Now, over to Madan.

“When we reached Ernakulam it was 3 pm approximately, there was rain to welcome us. I never been to kerala, it was my first time. There was a chill air around and just out side the station there was beautiful huge tree, I guess it was a banyan tree, which was really huge. All our eyes were rolling around to catch a glimpse of beautiful Mallu girls. We found one in station booking counter… he… he… cute face… 🙂 I knew, we all are going to have a great time in beautiful Kerala… 🙂 A bus was already arranged for us by Rahul, which is gonna take us to all the places in Munnar for the next two days. It was early morning around 5 am, I could barely see the houses and trees outside with street lights.  Each and every house had so much trees and plants around, unlike my Chennai city. They are generous to give space to nature and take 25% for them in their land. They love nature and conserve them. I found even the compound walls had some plants growing over them. Roughly around 6:45 am I was able to get a clear picture of the beautiful world, it was green, green and green everywhere. Just couldn’t see any other color. My love towards green took a peak. Most attractive part about Munnar, which is still in my eyes, is the foot stairs that I found in houses. Foot stairs were grey in color, covered with a very thin layer of green plants growing over them. The blend of grey and green was so attractive, that it gave an artistic look in front of many houses and churches.

Around 8 am in the morning the bus stopped and we saw a waterfall. It was beautiful to look at and felt that it can be even lovely to feel them. I wanted to play in that, and I had no concerns to about my t-shirt and trousers getting wet, well anyway it’s good to take a bath early morning he…he… I called up my friend Barani and asked him whether he likes to play in the waterfall too. He loved it. We climbed up some rocks, slowly moved near the water fall, took our hands forward and collected water in our hands. Then we slowly moved forward and in few seconds all our clothes got completely wet. It was funny and crazy. Later some of my other colleagues joined too Rahul, Deepak, Karthik Mohan, Murali, Thopi kumar, Balayya, Aravind, Adithiya, Vinoth kumar and Ayyappa. Then we all came down and took some snaps. I wanted to have some more fun in the waterfall again so I called up my buddy. I asked him if we can go once more. Again we went, played in the falls and at a point we both started shivering. I loved shivering too 🙂 Because I know it’s very rare feeling, which won’t happen in Chennai. We moved down and some more photo sessions were happening. We had to stay in the same wet cloth for another 3 hours, till we reached our room in Munnar.

We found many waterfalls and water flowing over through the rocks. Amazing site to watch, with beautiful mountain top covered with tea estates. Fog kissing the mountain tops. There wasn’t a patch of soil, which is visible, because there will some plant covering it up. The newly grown leaves gave the most attractive light green. And the rain gives a pure look by washing it up daily, finishing touch given by The Master himself.

In the Bus, Balayya and Barani started dancing. We had a good music system in the bus, which gave more fun. Both Balayya and Barani are excellent natural dancers, full of expressions and good singers too.
I always wanted to dance but I never did cause I thought that I would look stupid if I do my stupid steps. I had the chance to knock my fever and shyness down and go crazy. I stood in front of Balayya, I was damn nervous to be there, then I did what e
ver steps Balayya and Barani were doing. I learned a lot from them, their beautiful expressions, and liveliness. Everything in them touched me. Day 1 dancing was imitating them. Day 2, I started creating my own funny steps, since there was no girls in the bus we should pair up with other guys and dance for duet songs. We pulled almost everyone to dance, though many resisted at the start, become lively and started joining their own dance. Most our time in the bus went in dancing and shouting at the buses crossing us (if the bus crossing had some girls in it our decibels will increase further more ha ha ha…) Athreya was capturing video throughout the trip while Deepak, Karthik, Ravikiran, Rahul were capturing pictures. All their work had helped to capture our happiness in a digital form, which would stay forever with our pleasant memories of them.

Throughout the trip, we got a company of a humble lover, who is the soul reason for the beautiful Munnar. Her touch was so gentle, like a feather touching my body. In Munnar, she takes a pleasant form, she won’t pour heavily on u. But she will have a constant drizzle, which is gentle and giving you the joy of thousand kisses. 🙂 If she pours heavily, don’t mistake, she is happy meeting you and that’s her way of hugging you. He…he…

Rain Rain, come again…”

And that’s how we enjoyed and enjoyed and enjoyed, and finally we rode back to home. Thanks a lot to Madan.


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Deepak Venkatesan

Deepak is an engineer from Bangalore.

6 thoughts on “The Trip to Munnar”

  1. i think its the time to popularise our friends by putting those uncensored photos in ur blog.
    better u can start an auction through ur blog, we will see who will come up with the highest bid for those photos.


  2. I admire what you have done here. It is good to see you verbalise from the heart and your clarity on this important subject can be easily observed. Tremendous post and will look forward to your future update.


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