Stamp papers in Bangalore

Update :: July 2011::

Buying stamp papers in Bangalore has changed ever since this article was written. The procedure now is like this:

1. Go to any sub-registrar’s office in Bangalore.
2. Procure an ordinary stamp paper from one of the shops nearby which sell these (not very hard to find).
3. Get the first page of the agreement typed, which mentions the name & address of parties between whom the agreement is executed.
4. Go to a window in the sub-registrar’s office, where you pay the necessary fees, and get the paper ‘Franked’.
Franking: A stamping machine is used to render a red-colored stamp on the paper, authenticating it, and showing the stamp value (also has sub-registrar’s signature).
5. Voila! You are done. This works for all types of documents, including rental agreements.

Note: I have noticed that in some cases, where the first page of the agreement is not typed, the name and address of the parties is written on the stamp paper itself (on the stamp), and the franking is done on that.

Buying stamp papers in Bangalore has been quite an ordeal of late. The serpentine queues in front of the State Bank of Mysore would be a nightmare for anyone who could even think of buying stamp papers. (Read here). Besides, it eats up almost the whole day, and comes as a curse for working professionals who are in need of stamp paper. So, what is the easy way out?

The Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited is the company which has been authorized to sell e-stamp papers across Karnataka. (Check their e-stamping website).

There are quite a few e-stamping centers in Bangalore, where you could get a stamp paper with the denomination of your choice just within a few minutes. However, instead of the papers printed with the rupee note kind of stamp at the top, here you would get an e-stamp. This is essentially a printed information with the document number, and a couple of other numbers, and it says Government of Karnataka e-stamping with the national emblem of three lions on it.

Stamp papers - Before and After (Courtesy:
Stamp papers - Before and After (Courtesy:

A couple of days back, I had been to the Domlur BDA complex (Near the Domlur bus-stand, adjacent to Domlur fly-over), which houses the Sub-Registrar’s office. I wanted to get an e-stamp paper. I was given a form to fill, where I had to mention the type of document, the first and the second party details (name and address should be suffcient. PAN number in case of high-value registrations), and sign it. The form should be given at the counter with the amount for which the stamp paper is sought. The amount could be paid in cash, or by way of demand draft. I guess this depends on the total amount being paid. I had to wait for approximately 10 minutes, and then the person at the counter gave me the e-stamped paper. The whole process took me just around 15 minutes. The stamp duty for different types of instruments is displayed on the notice board in the office. It is also available online here.

The e-paper is as authentic as the normal stamp papers. Also, since this has authentic numbers printed on it, anyone can verify the authenticity of the e-paper by logging on to this site ( and entering the appropriate numbers from the e-stamp paper.

The working hours for the e-stamping facility in Domlur BDA complex is from 9:45am to 4:30pm with a lunch break from 1:00pm to 2:30pm. It is open from Monday through Saturday. In addition to Domlur, this service is also available in Jayanagar and Koramangala sub-registrar’s offices (SHCIL branches). The government is also looking at making e-stamping the only way of buying stamp papers in future, as this eliminates all duplicate stamp papers and scams, and also renders authenticity to the papers by way of printing these numbers and making them available online.

Thanks to Kiran for providing useful information in his journal.

Addresses of SHCIL e-stamping centres in Bangalore:

Head office:
SHCIL, Bangalore Stock Exchange Ltd.,
Stock Exchange Towers, 51, 1st Cross,
J.C. Road, Bangalore,
PIN : 560027
Ph: (080) 22995246, 22995236

Shop No.7, Ist Floor,
#44, 33rd Cross, Jayanagar, 4th T Block,
PIN : 560011
Ph: (080) 26991062, 26991060


Shcil, # 103, 1st Floor, Mig
Khb Colony, 17 Th Main, 5th Block
Koramangala, Bangalore
PIN : 560034
Ph: (080) 25529149, 25529150


Shcil, No.13 Vasant Milan, 1st Cross,
Malleswaram, Bangalore,
PIN : 560003
Ph: (080) 23318225, 23560525

Shcil, Domlur BDA complex,
Near Domlur Bus Stand, Bangalore
PIN : 560038
Ph: (080) 25352907


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Deepak Venkatesan

Deepak is an engineer from Bangalore.

62 thoughts on “Stamp papers in Bangalore”

  1. Letter to the editor:
    There are two “is the”, change maadi 🙂

    Good information, didn’t know there was an E-Stamp option. Important point is, everyone should be aware of all these “E” thingies. The only “E” thing that has picked up in India in Train ticket booking. All the other “E”s doesn’t seem to stick in people mind.


  2. Hey hawk dude,

    Thanks for correcting 🙂

    It is nice to see that at least in Bangalore, there is an E-way of doing things for almost everything. But not many people use this. Again, this depends on internet literacy, among others.

    At least people who have access to internet should use these things and popularize them. Way to go…


  3. Hi
    How to register at the e-stamping website. We are NRIs and need to buy a property in India.

    By The Way This information is awesome. Super Maadi!!

    Rama Iyer


  4. @Rama:

    The online purchase of stamp papers is not yet functional in Bangalore. You will have to physically go to the e-stamping centre to purchase the stamp papers. The only change is that there is no long queue in front of the counter. U can be done in 10-15 mins.



  5. Excellent keep it up It has solved my problem sending people to bank and make them wait for hours. Your information and details are toooooo good.


  6. Hi…
    Your article was really very helpful to me.
    Thank you for publishing such a detailed info.

    Just an addition, please add that Sub-Registrar offices are closed on 2nd Saturday of every month. It’s a government holiday.

    Thank you once again.


  7. @Ashish, Thanks for the info.
    Also, since the govt has made e-stamping mandatory, things have gotten bad. The number of e-stamping centres is not able to cope with the demand, and the crowd has increased.
    Hope the govt opens more of the e-stamping centres in Bangalore…


  8. Hi,

    Every one are thinking getting e-Stamp paper is very easy, the result is very bad, today I went for get a stamp paper I have reached there at 10am I have bought the stamp at 1pm, they were started issuing at 11.15am due to power cut, and for each person is taking over 5 minutes, there working hours is around 7 hours per day, so maximum they can issue 84 papers only per day?


  9. Hi All,

    The only draw back I see in e-stamping is the refund of money OR issue of a duplicate stamp paper.Take the below scenario.

    I pay Rs. 3 lacs as stamp duty via e-stamp.Now I need to take a print out of sale deed on this e-stamp paper, and lets suppose the paper gets stuck in the printer and spoiled or prints incorrectly.I am not sure what would be the next step in this situation.

    Also taking a print out on e-stamp is tricky as the prints needs to start only at the bottom 3 inches of the e-stamp page.

    I believe as long as the estamp UID is not locked ( which I believe is locked only by sub-registrar) , there is no harm in SCHIL issuing the duplicate e-stamp.

    So incase you have a e-stamp with a high stamp duty paid, do not experiment with printers.Get the first page manually typed and then take printouts for the next page onwards.

    The above comments are based on my understanding of the e-stamp process.I may be wrong, in which case, I would appreciate clarification you all.



  10. I have bought a e-stamp, but the deal could not go through. Am left with a e-stamp with names of the second party who was to sign the deal. This paper is of no use to me now. Do any of you know, how do i get a refund ?


  11. Hi,
    I guess much awaited E Stamping facilites is available at Padmanabhanagar at SLV Souharda Credit Co Operative Ltd
    #515, SLV Kuteeram, 10tH Cross, Padmanabhanagar, Bangalore 560070(Near 15 A Last Bus Stop)
    Ph: 26798110 Mob: 9986080382, 9886704053

    Public of the near by Localty people can avail this service.


  12. hey there brilliant blog website and layout. I really hope I’m not disturbing you I simply wanted to inquire what wordpress plugin you utilize to display the most recent remarks on your blog? I want to do something like that for my free ipad site however I cant find the plugin or widget for it. Many thanks for your time 🙂


  13. The second party’s name is spelt wrong – Srenivasa in stead of Srinivasa in the e-stamp that I recently purchased. Is that going to be a problem later on?


  14. Hi Guys,
    Does the e-stamp work for rental agreements.If Yes,which denomination.
    As the List of Registrable articles shows nothing as Rental agreement.


  15. Domlur:
    Shcil, Domlur BDA complex,
    Near Domlur Bus Stand, Bangalore
    PIN : 560038
    Ph: (080) 25352907

    Hi Deepak,

    just an FYI this number is not in service, no I am not blaming you for that 🙂


  16. Interesting development ..but I have question:

    What details does the eStamp as bought carries on it?
    Can we verify all that details at the verification site just by keying in th Estamp number?



  17. Hi Deepak,
    In case of estamping, can you tell us where do we type the actual text of the document. For example in a rental agreement, we have all the list of clauses, amounts etc. Do we type them at the back of the same estamp paper or do we type them on a Rs. 2/- stamp paper.



    1. Start right on the first page where you got the franking done, and where the registrar has signed. Even if the space is small here, start from the front page. You can continue on the backside or in a different sheet.


      1. hi Deepak,
        I think you misread the query. I am asking about estamping and not the normal stamp paper agreement. After I have received the estamp paper from SHCIL, where do I write the text of the rental agreement.



    2. The same is true for e-stamping also.
      Type as much as possible on the page-1 and the rest on the next page. Authorities expect that the contents start from the page where the seal and stamping is done.


  18. The SRO Domlur does not issue any eStamp papers anymore. You have to go to one out of 12(?) selected post offices where they do the job.

    I don’t know whether the same applies for the other SROs also.

    Unfortunately I am not able to remember the full list of post offices, but a few i can remember:
    – Indiranagar
    – Koramangala
    – J.C. Road
    – R.T. Nagar
    – Whitefield
    – Mahadevpura
    – Jayanagar
    – HAL 2nd Stage
    – High Court P.O.
    – Bangalore GPO
    – Yelahanka


  19. Good info…Thanks a lot!!

    Sharing my personal experience –

    I had been to BDA Complex – Domlur on a weekday. It was crowded and took around 30 – 45 mins for franking. Below was the procedure

    (o) Submit your e-stamp and specify the amount, say 0.1% of the sales deed @ the counter. I was asked to provide dd instead of cash. Apparently for amount more than 500 dd is recommended (in favour of sub registrar shivajinagar). But I had carried cash, after a bit of hesitation, it was accepted finally.

    (o) The guy at the counter would then put the seal and fills in the details. Once the pile reaches specified limit, he would take them to some room inside (I think sub registrar’s office). Wait till the pile comes back, this would take ~20 mins, of course depending on the time/week of the day.

    (o) Once the paper pile is back, the guy @ the counter would call your name. Pay the amount and get your paper & receipt. Your are done.

    I did not have to pay anything extra…no bribe..yay!



  20. Found this very usefull article. I guess some one who go to State Bank of Mysore (for banking) may put up this article for fellow citizens to avoid queque. Even the bank manager would be happy to put up this article since he will get the crowd away from his place !! Ganesh, Accenture, Bangaluru.


  21. Hi, thanks for all your information. For the 1st time, i need get done a rental agreement as a tenant. I purchased e-stamp paper, agreement done, signed both parties. Rent is 7K and advance is 70K, Stamp paid is 200Rs. A guy suggested me at Sub-registrar told to get it “franked”.
    Here, i am lost. I have my properly done e-stamp with seal and amount paid. Is there anything i need to do for agreement to be valid?

    Thanks for your help!


  22. Thanks a lot of valuation information, how ever i have a doubt here. Is notary seal required for agreement based out of e-stamp paper?. Since i wanted to use my rental agreement as address proof, i wanted check about this!


  23. Hey Deepak,
    Can i use white ink or Pen for making a correction on a Rental agreement. i want to change 11 months to 24 months and want to include a new point on the Rental agreement?

    Thanks for the information buddy.



    1. It need not be, unless someone asks you to submit a copy of the agreement attested by a notary.
      Anyway, to be clear, there is no e-stamping anymore, and plain stamp papers franked by the SR office is the norm


  24. Hi Deepak,
    I need to get a service agreement(5 pages) printed on the legal sheet(A6) and get the legal sheet stamped(franked) with a stamp duty of Rs.200. Can u please give me the steps on how to do that.


  25. Hi deepak,

    You have mentioned in your post dated jan3,2013 that e-stamping is not required for rental agreement and that franking by SR is again the norm. kindly clarify this. We need to register a lease agreement for our apt.


  26. I really love your blog.. Great colors & theme.

    Did you create this website yourself? Please reply back as I’m planning to
    create my own personal site and would love to know
    where you got this from or exactly what the theme is called.



  27. your last update that there is no estamping anymore, is obsolete and misleading now. Estamping is very much existing today e.g. for rental agreements, and can be done at any of the Kar state coop credit societies federation offices across the city, details of which are in the shcil website..


  28. Deepak, extremely useful info! I got my Rental agreement renewal in EXACTLY 20 mins at Domlur (Yes… I was clocking it), which includes entire typing and a correction with a white marker. In fact the typing person identified few mistakes in my previous document and corrected them too. Thanks to you. I could decide to go only after getting knowledge from your post and by your assurance that it can be done in 15 mins. Generally we have misconception that they are lazy people and it takes whole days. In fact I also checked SuperSeva in my office which they claim to be the quickest service provider, and they said it will take 3 days! Thanks agan Deepak!


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