The Unexpected Encounter

The tree

Immediately, I was taken aback
I didn’t know one good way
All was well when I started
It led me to great dismay!

I thought I could run
And a few steps I took
But knew it wouldn’t help
There was no secure nook.

Struck with awe I wondered
Where shall I hide the papers?
For one second I was jealous
Of empty-handed escapers!

Ahead of me lay barren land
With no sign of vegetation
To my left, to my right—on either side
Empty streets gave irritation!

Mom had said when I started
I paid no heed to her word
Now I have to pay the cost
My act turned out absurd!

The enemy was fast
He gave me no time
All efforts to manage
Were not worth a dime!

Out of fear I took refuge
Just an interim solution
The enemy will soon be weakened
Said my remote intuition!

Finally, when the enemy receded
I was relieved to walk back home
Even now, when I think of that day
I feel like Caesar in Rome!

Hereafter, when I go out,
I’ll never forget to remember…
With me always I’ll take an umbrella
For it may rain anytime in November!


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